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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

OC Sees Dramatic Decrease in Pedestrian, Bicycle, Scooter Collisions

Ocean City has seen dramatic decreases this year in three motor vehicle collisions categories. As of August 12, 2013, bicycle, pedestrian and scooter collisions are all down at least 50 percent compared to this time in 2012. Further, there have been zero fatalities thus far in 2013 as a result of any motor vehicle collision in Ocean City.

Pedestrian collisions have dropped 56 percent compared to this time last year. Ocean City police view this as a remarkable success. We credit that success to the “Walk Smart” campaign that was implemented in May in cooperation with the Maryland State Highway Administration, Maryland Highway Safety Office and many other community partners. Because of the success of the campaign, “Walk Smart” partners will soon be working closely with neighboring jurisdictions along the Coastal Highway/Route 1 corridor in Southern Delaware to create a similar campaign. OCPD and each of our partners hope that the “Walk Smart” campaign will not only keep pedestrians in Ocean City safe but throughout Delmarva.

Bicycle collisions are down by 50 percent so far in 2013. An emphasis was put on educating citizens of bicycle safety tips and the statistic shows success. The “Walk Smart” campaign was paired with a “Ride Smart” message specific to cyclists explaining the rules of the road for cyclists.

Scooter collisions have seen the biggest dip in 2013 thus far dropping 68 percent. This drop is due in large part to new registration and insurance requirements for motor scooters that went into effect on January 1, 2013. Ocean City police noticed many safety concerns regarding the large number of scooters on Ocean City roadways and worked closely with state legislators to pass firmer safety requirements for owning and operating scooters. The dramatic drop in scooter collisions proves that this legislation has been a benefit to the town.

While these dramatic decreases in collisions show great success, efforts will continue to be made to educate citizens and provide safety tips. OCPD and all of our community partners are dedicated to keeping the number of collisions down and decreasing the numbers even further.

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